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So when I was asked to review 1.61 Soft Goods Fast Key Tether, I was a little perplexed. Not because it’s not a fantastic product but more because I couldn’t really think of a way to review something I use everyday and don’t really think about.

Then I actually discovered something about the Key Tether while I was on a trail ride; as you commonly can find yourself on your side but not under your bike when off-road riding… it happens. While trying to traverse, what I assumed was a shallow mud puddle that turned out to be much deeper than I thought, I was sent sideways. After landing directly on the clip on the side of my hip and noticing the Key Tether came out virtually unscathed, that's when I discovered it can take a beating yet still look great.

Like I said, I use it everyday and wear it everywhere. It’s constructed of fine strong leather which is aging perfectly and the patina on the strong snap button is a great look. The clip is also very strong, quick and easy to use.

I have owned many of these style belt loop keychain clips and this is the only one that has lasted. I don’t know of a lot of “fashion” products out there that can live up to the concept of form and quality.

The 1.61 Soft Goods Fast Key Tether is truly a well-made piece that I would describe as a perfect execution of the concept of “rugged style.”


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Photos by Nick Miramontes and Justin Donais. Words by Nick Miramontes.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: go 3K miles battling the elements of a summer westward American road trip where you’ll encounter rain, sleet, hail, wind, extreme heat and everything in between—not to mention being and looking ready for any scene from Sturgis to Sunday mass.

If you are considering such a mission, I suggest the Roland Sands Design Tracker Jacket. Don’t get me wrong, before this amazing piece of gear I was a “leather only” guy, no matter what, it had to be leather! This jacket changed my mind and my riding life. The waxed cotton is extremely durable, mobile and tough as nails. I’d say I felt a fool not giving wax cotton a try earlier but at least I found this out before I wrote it off completely. This jacket is so well designed and looks the part no matter the occasion. Besides it’s amazing craftsmanship it is wonderfully functional with plenty of storage, plus zip-out wrists, along with a great arm pocket that I would store my phone in. It's nice to know it’s safe and I’m not sitting on it.

A wonderfully breathable jacket and a pretty sweet gold satin poly lining looks cool and wore well. It's got strong snaps, uses well-stitched materials and it broke in quickly and nicely. Has zip-in armor pockets for back, shoulders and elbows yet still well hidden and kept it’s slim rugged look. Fits perfect, true to size and it can take a beating, I hit some pretty big rain along the way and I stayed dry. I also hit some mighty big bugs!

Wind glides off and the Tracker allowed air to flow through even in the hot desert terrain. It also kept me cozy and warm during those evening rides or those 5am blast-offs.

One of my favorite parts of this jacket has to be the pull downward pocket zippers, no more trying to pull up the zipper on your pockets or vents. Boom! One pull right down no more losing a pack of smokes or binding up the liner while navigating the road ahead.

Although I won’t toss my leather jacket out upon the discovery of this light weight well performing jacket, I have definitely found a function for it and during the spring /summer days my Tracker is the jacket of choice… No matter the mission.

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