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This summer, we're following our buddy Nick Miramontes on his journey from Milwaukee to LA on CL350 he bought sight unseen. We're going to post maps, photos and updates following him along his trip. At the end, we're going to have the bike at our shop along with Nick and a photo gallery of the film photos from the trip.

The project is more than just following someone on a trip to hear their stories, it's a chance for those of us who have never done anything like this on a vintage bike to understand the challenges that come with that. He'll show what goes into prepping for the trip with the bike, gear and planning. Having done shorter trips, Nick wanted to really challenge his skills and his mental fortitude with this big trip, which was a huge reason why he chose the bike he did. And being the photographer he is, getting some great photos was also one of the reasons for going on this journey from the Midwest, westward.

 Here's the introduction by Nick: 

My name is Nick Miramontes, photographer based in Los Angeles, I am a avid motorcycle rider and vintage motorcycle junky.

What you are about to explore with me is a adventure riding halfway across the country on a newly purchased (Feb. 2014) never seen in person and never ridden 1971 Honda CL 350.

I bought the bike off the local Milwaukee Craigslist from The Shop (a really great vintage motorcycle store located in Bayview I believe) I called there and spoke with Tim about the bike and told him what I was attempting to do this summer his exact words “that’s a lot of miles.”

So I sent my nephew, who along with two other friends will accompany me for a little while on the trip, over to take a look and as you can see by the picture we liked what we saw.

The bike has a bit of a story that I am hoping to get some clarity on when I go vist the shop while I’m home, hoping to get a little interview with Tim and the guys so check back in I’ll leave this with a teaser from what i’ve gathered per my conversation with Tim; apparently the bike was rebuilt by The Shop as a donation project for a bar BINGO auction and hadn’t been claimed in two years…  “who wouldn’t take a free bike!?”  I’ll try to get more info but I love the story already.

I am flying into my hometown of Milwuakee WI. on June 28th spending a few days working on the bike (preping and testing) and visiting with family and friends if I they don’t mind spending some time with me in the garage ha ha ha.  I’ll be doing a lot of odds-and-ends work to it to ensure it has been looked over and properly maintained to make the journey… I’ll hopefully be posting some of the prep work too.

Then on July 5th I set off to my current hometown of Los Angeles, CA. on a 350cc motorcycle 70’s style…  I’m giving myself 12 days to get back and going to wind through some of the classic Americana westward states (MN. NE. SD. WY. MO. OR. etc…) I have a pretty ambitious map with the only exception being how the bike is running at the time.

The tricky part about this whole concept is that I can’t really ever take the FWY on this bike, well I can but if I want it to make it the whole trip it’s not an option.

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Menard Torculas
Menard Torculas

June 19, 2014

I look forward to reading up on your road trip Nick. Sounds pretty damn exciting.

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