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Sunday and Monday, June 29 and 30

So I am combining these two days because honestly they have been a blur of back to all-nighters with my nephew Buddy...

What are the troubles I’ve ran into? Where do I start....

As my checklist decreases the issues mount up.

I had the bike 6 bolts away from engine being removed finding every-other screw to be so seized (old steel into aluminum casing classic) I resorted to drill outs which a still have more of those to do...

I'll give a proper checklist of what I originally set out to do and the progress of where I stand.

Throughout these past two days i've learned so much about motorcycles and proper maintenance and what happens if you fail to do so, that I understand completely.

But I have today, what I've learned the most in one 48 hour day, that I'm sure I already knew but maybe forgot being gone from my home so long was "family." As I prepare for this and fumble through manuals and rebuild things and then rebuild them again, I see a common thread, anything I need or require help with I am finding. It's comforting knowing that there are people who want to help you succeed and will do whatever it takes, which is pretty amazing. So to that, I say thank you for reminding me what this feels like.

Sometimes bike trips and even the prepping is a metaphor for life and reminds you of the things you sometimes fail to see or completely understand.

My motto last night into the morning as my nephew Buddy and I sat up working was "run by sun" which in all fairness to me, was accomplished. It was running but not exactly "driving."

As I said in my last post "the humility of it all" but I feel we are inching closer around every turn.

Enjoy some images of hard work in progress by everyone involved...

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