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I finally got to visit the place that sold the bike, The Shop. It's located in Milwaukee and I have been anticipating this visit for a while but not exactly the way I wanted it to be as far as motorcycle condition.

I had to truck it out and luckily I come from a family of pick-up truck owners. I called up my nephew and boom! Truck shows up

So suffice it to say, my scheduled appointment with The Shop was suppose to be a ride to finalize some last minute touches not in the back of a truck with the clutch not activating. The randomness of life.

Met Tim, the owner of The Shop and his dog Dang-it. We talked over what was going on with the bike and went through some of the other things I was looking to accomplish (head torque once over on a few things). He seemed to be a really nice guy and very attentive and told me a little more about the bike:

So it was a bingo raffle prize at a local bar, The Palomino in Bayview, but was never claimed. Tim held on to it for 2 years trying to get the lucky winner to come by and pick it up but he never showed so he finally decided he had to get rid of it.

And that’s where I came in and a chance search on Milwaukee Craigslist.

Tim seems down for the cause, "midwestward" and he was optimistic about the bike which was a refreshing feeling since I had been pretty discouraged the past few days.

He brought it in to the back right away and put someone on it, for a place as busy as this I feel i'm in good hands. He said the bike can do it if I take my time and treat it right. So a vote of confidence from a guy who knows. Baring any unforeseen issues I should be riding her back tomorrow.

Will keep everyone posted, fingers crossed for sure. 

The motto that seems to be peppered throughout the place.... "Shit gets fixed." ha ha ha.

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