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This day was all my nephew Buddy. We delt with his 76' KZ 400 starting with his speedo cable in the AM, got oil for both bikes and started on my favorite thing to do, electrical. (I'm being facetious).

He had all 4 directionals to put on and wire along with rewiring his custom speedo and tach. What a mess electrical diagrams are, all Greek to me but I think we got it. We found ourselves welding the gauge bracket modifications together at 12:30am. Nothing like midnight weld sessions. Again, it's been great having a family that is willing to do whatever it takes to get it done.

We also checked compression and torqued the heads. Funny thing is we are finding way more prep time and zero seat time. I am concerned a bit about not riding the bike as much as I was planning. There are still some questions I have not addressed regarding its condition and running condition, honestly I'm scared.

Looking at the idea of taking a bike I'm not familiar with, the distance we'll need to travel, is requiring way more prep time than I gave myself, especially taking into consideration my lack of knowledge on working on this particular type of bike. I think we are both hoping this diligence in prep will be the key to survival!

Stay tuned tomorrow the luggage rack will be modified and hopefully go on, it's a must!

Repairs done to this point.
- Front breaks
- Blinker lens
- All cables replaced
- Carb kits
- Oil filter
- Neutral light
- All lights and fuses
- Tachometer
- Mirror
- Handle bars
- Grips
- New foot peg rubbers (kit comes with rubber for peg, kicker & shift )
- Side covers
- More in line fuel filters
- Starter clutch rebuild
- Air filters
- Tool kit
- Tires and tubes
- Torque heads
- New engine hardware (still dealing with a few stripped bolts... Of course)

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