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I think you are seeing a pattern here...

Yes we worked on the bikes on and off pretty much all day. I picked up my bike at The Shop where they buttoned up everything and got the cluch to activate. Tim was awesome, gave me a smoking deal and even some early Christmas presents! (Oil, plugs, chainlube) He's a really great guy. I was happy to deal with him and he made me feel like this will be possible and I thank him for that.

Towards the end of the night Steve, Nick, Buddy and I sat down to go over maps, paper style! Feeling good not great there is always that moment of clarity in what you are about to do and hoping everything was taken into consideration. Day 6 will be finalizing a lot of details pack up etc.

The bike is running really well and I feel this is possible for sure. Slow and steady wins the race...

As always my appreciation to friends old and new along with family to make this even seem possible...

My route solo has not been finalized and Steve may join me for the whole trip still up in the air.


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Tiffany Wilinski
Tiffany Wilinski

July 09, 2014

I am routing for you boys! Hope things are looking up!? I dont know if many people would want to embark on a trip like this but I think its fricken awesome!?! Hows the weather been so far?? Take care and ill be following along :)

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