DAYS 1 and 2

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Wish I had more time to explain all the issues but things have been super challenging.
We fell a day behind because of the bike issues, hard to explain right now but lets just say I rebuilt carbs on a picnic table. This is a huge challenge and without these guys impossible.

Day one gas log:
Gallons 11.597
Miles 435

Nick's (Nick Miramontes) band of misfit riders:

 Buddy Wilinski

 Nick Krusick

 Steve Kowal




Wow, couldn't have gone any worse. Not only did we get a late start because of the double check of my issues on day one but I now find myself and my trusty companions stuck here in Iowa, Spirt Lake to be exact. I shouldn't say all was so negative. In the morning where we were forced to camp, we met a really nice couple that even gave us pancakes! So, a great start, but alas here is where it goes down hill...
When I checked my bike over in the morning I noticed the left side was running rich, right side was pretty lean not terrible but still not ideal. I addressed the issue or so I thought...
While heading west on 9 fwy the bike just lost power. I switch the foul plug so we'll see how it runs.

Day two gas log:
Gallons 2.034
Miles 80



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