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As we have encountered issues upon issues with the CL, it has been an interesting go so far. Sometimes as my friend would say, "motorcycling is a metaphor for life" and I truly see that without proper maintainec both can go to shit pretty fast.

Riding the Badlands today with the Blackhills in our sight really made me understand what I may truly love about motorcycling — it's not the speed or even the destination but the journey.

Realistically LA is seeming more unlikely in sheer distance but I am really enjoying myself out here with the crew. Their patience is unmeasurable and Steve seems to be as determined and concerned about the health and well being of the CL as I am.

We rode the Badlands twice and it was pretty epic! I promised myself I would ride the Blackhills come hell-or-high-water and as it stands, I will be riding through there tomorrow morning! Can't wait!


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