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Photos and words: Cassie Fuertez
Whenever we go camping we always make a stop at Trader Joe's before we leave to our destination. Sean's pizza has become a traditional meal during our camp outs. Here's a list of ingredients we usually get...
- Wheat dough
- Sun dried tomatoes 
- Cheese (really any kind you like to put on)
- Kale
- Cherry tomatoes
- Coconut Oil or a high burn oil (sometimes we use butter)
That's our default list but we sometimes have been known to add the following
- sliced mushrooms
- sliced avocados
- sliced chicken breast
Once we have everything, we head on out to our campsite. When it comes time for dinner, Sean busts out his Dutch oven. He is a master with this thing. If you don't have one, I would say you need it for this recipe. You can get one anywhere really, Army Surplus, REI, Amazon to name a few. They are great for car camping.
Once you're ready, grab whatever your gonna cook with, either the butter, coconut oil, or whatever you have. We sometimes forget to buy the oil so butter is usually what gets thrown in there.
Then flatten the dough into the pan.
After you've gotten your dough all evenly laid out. You can start adding your ingredients.
After you have everything you want on your pizza, go ahead and add some water to the dutch oven. Not at a lot but enough so that you know the dough wont burn. If you have oil you should be ok, but with butter you should be adding water throughout the cooking process.
Now you can cover the dutch oven and place on the fire.
For about 15 to 20 minutes you'll be rotating the oven, so that the dough doesn't burn and stick to the bottom. 
Don't be afraid to open it up and check on it and move it around to see how well it's cooking.
I don't have a picture of how the above pizza turned out. By the time we finished it was pretty dark. But here's some photos from past camp-outs.
Hope you had fun and enjoyed this post!
You can see more of Cassie's photos and keep up with her on her Tumblr.  And on Instagram: @clever_blue

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