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Photos and words by Buddy Wilinski

MAMA TRIED MOTORCYCLE SHOW, February 21-22, 2015

Day One:

The Midwest winters can be a long and cold off-season for motorcyclist; thankfully we have shows like “Mama Tried” to help ease the transition and remind us spring is right around the corner. The builders involved in this show embrace the cold season because it is their chance to put together another creation before the next season begins. The show features 50 plus motorcycles built by fabricators of all breeds; there is no one category of bike at Mama Tried. So if you’re into choppers, café racers, rat rods, or like to see an old survivor from 1916 this is your show.

Located in the heart of Milwaukee, on Saturday February 21st, it was all about the bikes, people poured in from all around the nation to check out some of the best hand built bikes showcased here in Milwaukee. Some of the bikes in the show you look at and your ask yourself “How in the hell do you ride this?” or “does this thing even have brakes?” “Mama Tried” harnessed a whole lot of talent from all over showcasing a variety of phenomenal bike builds.

Revival Cycles Ducati

Tony Giorno 61' Triumph

Dave Cook Norton

Analog Motorcycles 49' Indian Scout

Day Two:

Forget about an off season here in the Midwest, after recovering from a whole day of motorcycles and Pabst Tall Boys I headed down to McKinley Marina to check out my first Ice Ride. This was by far one of the coolest gatherings I have been to in Milwaukee; The 10 degree weather wasn’t stopping people from coming out to check out the “Mama Tried” Ice Ride, the best part about Sunday was not only seeing everyone riding in frigid temperatures but also seeing some of the same bikes I saw the previous night out there ripping on the ice. Attending Sunday made me long for the riding season ahead but also question “why in the hell I wasn’t out there ripping around on a bike?” The mentality of an off season for motorcycling is only limited by you, It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have or what the weather is, I don’t live in LA and its not always 70 degrees and sunny, this is what its all about, pushing your bike to the limit regardless of the conditions, getting out there and doing what you love. Hats off to the people who made this show possible and also to the people out there showcasing their beautiful bikes and passion for motorcycling. This show is for everyone and even if you don’t live in the beautiful city of Milwaukee I suggest coming next year for a weekend of motorcycles and fun.


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