Born Free 5

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JUNE 29, 2013


Grant and Mike have put on four shows before this one and I hadn't been to any of them. It was our first year at the Born Free show either as an attendee or an exhibitor. To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect. I've seen photos and talked to some people but that really didn't prepare me for the show itself, even after going there the day before to set up our booth.

Bikes. Bikes. More awesome bikes. And nice people. Actually, there was a ton of other great stuff as well. 

The turnout out was insane, we're talking thousands upon thousands of people, some even traveled across the world to be there! The diversity among the people was great to see. Guys, girls and even some little kids cruised around by foot and some on motorcycles. Although there were a lot of beards, tattoos and beer guts, this wasn't your stereotypical biker crowdOne moment our booth would have a few big guys with beards all tatted up and the next moment we'd have a trendy young couple who just got into motorcycles. We were all there to enjoy the show and because we love motorcycles.

There was so much to see from all the vendors to the people who rode their own bikes in to the Invited Builders. There were a lot of bikes out there, a shit ton. Pretty much everything you could think of, vintage bikes, new ones, cafe racers, choppers, bobbers, classics, you name it. Some of them were beautiful while others were just crazy. What really struck me though was the creativity. Over the years, people have built so many bikes that we probably think we've seen it all but then people would start to combine styles and ideas together to make something unique. I didn't get to see much of the people's choice bikes but of the Invited Builders, I was really into the stuff by Brawny Built, Chopper Dave and Matt & Britney Olsen.

Yea, it was hot but we had a great spot for our booth. We were at one end of the bridge across the lake near the beer stand and bathrooms. Our 17 foot vintage American flag was pretty hard to miss. A lot of interesting people stopped by and it was great meeting everyone. All the stress and effort in the weeks leading up to the show building our booth was worth it after hearing the reactions of the people who came by.  

Thanks to Grant and Mike for putting on a great show and to everyone who stopped by our booth. Special thanks to Alex Maldonado from Black Top Society for help with the setup, April, Pavla and Tara for working the show and taking photos, without them, it would not have been possible!

For info and updates, checkout the Born Free site. 

Photos: Tara Larivee, April Larivee, Chhun Tang

Words: Chhun Tang

Rad bike by Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built.

The Steel Shoe by Chopper Dave.

1923 Harley Davidson board tracker by Matt and Britney Olsen.

Couple of our customers who came out for the show, Dustin and Donna (top left). Tara cruising the show (bottom right). And the others are just random dudes.

Pavla workin the booth.

Breaking down the booth with April.


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