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Photos and words by Gabe Advincula

“Faster and faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” The brand and the woman herself has been a big icon for not only women, but for motorcycle enthusiasts alike. The culmination of five years in the making led to a celebration held by MotoLady herself and Lucky Wheels Garage. It’s amazing to see where she began and where she is now.

The celebration was held at Lucky Wheels Garage in Los Angeles California. It was not only a five-year anniversary for the MotoLady brand, but also the first ever women’s motorcycle bike show. Ladies had a chance to showcase what they ride and they did not disappoint at all. From Triumphs to Ducatis, Hondas to Yamahas, there was a barrage of custom bikes that were unique and had they’re own style that showcased each woman’s personality. In addition, Lucky Wheels is a DIY garage; the garage opened up to several bike ramps where people can work on their bikes. A wall adjacent to the ramps was filled with various tools and gadgets you can use to work on your motorcycle. As you walk further along towards the back, it opens up to a big space where the motorcycle show was held as well as burgers and booze being served. The second level of the garage is a lounge area where it showcased Mathew Allard of Inked Iron’s art. Moreover, it had comfy couches, a pool table and on top had a chandelier made up of corona bottles; the ultimate biker hangout.

Alicia Mariah Elfving started as a graphic designer, marketing specialist, and makeup/wardrobe stylist. As she got her first motorcycle and immersed herself in the motorcycle media. She used her marketing and graphic design background to market herself; henceforth MotoLady. As her brand got bigger, she met many motorcycle enthusiasts who helped her brand thrive and ultimately leading to much success. With some blood, sweat, and grease she built and commissioned several bike builds, one that stands out and that was featured in Bike EXIF, a custom Ducati Monster 750 unique to her style and personality. Alicia has been on various magazine/website publications, showing the motorcycle world that not only men, but also women can be just as, if not ride harder than men. She has become one of the most iconic and influential women in the motorcycle world. With that, Congratulations Alicia, here’s to many more years of success!



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