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Photos and words by James Nguyen

As I sit here, looking over the pictures of our last hike, I will always remember that the mother nature will always test you. She will summon strong cross winds to knock you down the mountain one minute and pelt you with freezing water droplets at ludicrious face searing speed the next. She will take your sunshine away before you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

With wind advisories of 40mph gusts and rain storms, we had a unparalled experience trekking the Vasquez Rocks trail. With 932 acres of desert land, it's easy to go off the beaten path and lose your way among the rolling slopes. There's a 3.4-mile loop to boot, but I must humbly admit the wind was enough to stop us in our tracks. Not only were the elements annihilating us, after an hour, my personal effects were completely soaked from head to toe. Apparently my threads were not water sealed. Dingo, the adventure pup, was definitely sharing in my discomfort so we decided to double back and explore the famous rocks.

With a natural incline of 45* it's a fun piece to scale. The rain allowed streams of water to form and flow down the formations. What a way to experience the vast Vasquez Rocks! We'll definitely be back.

You can locate Vasquez Rocks Park trail by: I-5 freeway to Route 14 for Antelope Valley. After 14 miles on Rte 14, take Exit 15 for Agua Dulce Canyon Road. Drive north on Agua Dulce Canyon Road for 16 miles. At the end, there will be a right hand turn, continue on the road until it becomes Escondido Canyon Road. After about a mile, turn right into the Vasquez Rocks Park. Once inside, head to the left, you'll find plenty of dirt road. We stopped at the middle parking lot but you can drive in as far as possible to locate the trail head more easily. 

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