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Photos and words by Chhun Tang

Organized chaos. If you've never seen anything like it, you won't understand. But, if you've been to places like Cambodia or other places that are very crowded and don't quote have the infrastructure or law abiding citizens we have here, then you'll know exactly that means. It's a busy place with more motorcycles and scooters you can count but somehow they manage to make things work. 

Having been there two previous times and also having been born there, this area of the world feels very familiar. It takes some getting used to the pace and way of life but once you do, it's quite nice. The locals hustle and bustle, riding on their scooters and in their cars, on their cell phones and yet it feels seemingly decades behind. You can still sense the effects of Khmer Rouge era of the late 70's. And considering that fact, it's phenomenal to see how far the country has come in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend traveling here, there's much to do, see and eat — and we didn't even talk about the biggest, most famous attraction of all, Angkor Wat.


While much of the time there was spent with family and seeing some of the sights, I took a day to get some riding in. It was my first time riding the dirt and it was freaking awesome. Through a recommendation, I connected with Thach, who operates Cambodia Jungle Road, and he was the best. 

If you're in the country and want to do a ride, hit him up for sure! Perhaps a future East Fork group ride? Hmm....

It has some nostalgia and meaning for me, but this area of the world is amazing. It's a beautiful place with great food and great people. On top of all that, it's very affordable to travel there. Two thumbs up!

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