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The 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball was dubbed the Race of the Century, each of over the 90 motorbikes that started the race in Atlantic City, NJ was 100 years or older. 1907 was believed to be the oldest bike in the event. It was a race that spanned 16 days, with one day off, over the course of 3,308 miles. Seeing the conclusion of the race in Carlsbad, CA was an unbelievable a sight to see, it felt like we were transported back in time. I'm not sure there's any other situation in which you'd see this many bikes of this age, that still run, gathered in one place. 

We arrived about an hour before the scheduled arrival time of the riders and as time drew near, the crowd began to grow in size and energy. You could sense the excitement in the crowd and it was all cheers as the first rider arrived. The sense of community and camaraderie was evident as the crowd roared each time a rider pulled up and as each rider congratulated one another on finishing. The parking lot at which they ended was packed with people as the parked motorbikes leaked oil and people looked at them with great admiration. You could hear whispers of people asking, "How did that bike finish the race?" If you get a chance to see the this race in the future, at any of the stops, start or conclusion, don't hesitate at the opportunity, it's more than worth it.  

For info, visit their official website.

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