PF Candle Co. - Campfire Special

PF Candle Co. - Campfire Special

Smoke, pine, soil, and a natural sweetness. This candle perfectly captures a camping trip to the woods. Smoke and wood are the first notes you smell, but this fragrance really opens up when you burn it. A lovely light raspberry-vanilla note reveals itself upon the burn.

What makes PF Candle Co candles different than others? Well, the candles are made in small batches (no more than 9 candles at a time) to ensure the highest quality pours. They use 100% domestically grown soy wax and fine fragrance oils and don't use dyes or additives for any of their container candles, ensuring the cleanest burn possible.

Each candle burns for approximately 40 hours.

Candle measures 3.5" tall and about 2.75" in width.

Tip: When you burn the candle, don't burn for short periods of time, such as 15 minutes or so. Instead, burn an hour, or for long enough to evenly melt the wax to the furthest edge against the jar. Doing this will prevent tunneling.

Type: Home Goods

Vendor: PF Candle Co.

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